Frequently Asked Questions – 2022

Should applicants in the competition have formed a legal entity in order to apply?

Individuals and informal groups without legal form can participate in category (a). Only legal entities can participate in category (b).

Should the proposed ideas be coming from a group or it could be coming from an individual?

Proposed ideas for participation in category (a) can come from an individual or a group.

Proposed ideas for participation in category (b) must come from a legal entity. For both categories, the application is submitted by an individual who will represent the group/legal entity in the competition. 

Which are the scoring criteria of applications of the Competition?

You can find the scoring criteria in the following link:

In the criteria for the assessment of the proposed idea, what role does the duration (in terms of years) of the initiative play?

The duration of the initiative doesn’t play any role in the assessment of the proposed ideas. For an initiative to be eligible it must not be more than three years old.

Which language should the application be filled in?

The application can be filled in Greek or in English.

We are a group in the process of setting up a legal entity. Could we apply to participate in the category (b) if the registration process is not concluded by the 9th of May?

No. In order to apply for category (b), you should have completed the registration process of your organisation, and the organisation should have a bank account. If the registration process has not been completed, you can still apply for category (a)

Our legal form is older than 3 years but the idea/project is more recent than that. Could we still apply?

Yes, as long as the initiative/idea is different from the previous activity of the legal form, and this is clearly described in the application.

In the links provided, I read that there is a possibility of language assistance by an interpreter. Is that the case for the local competition in Greece too?

In the local competition there will be language assistance from English to Greek, in case the participant wishes. The presentations can be conducted in any of the two languages. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of language assistance in other languages.

Are there any restrictions regarding the cash prize in the ‘New Ideas’ category or is it just a prize without restrictions? If so, could you please elaborate on the restrictions?

The cash prize must be used to support the development of the winning idea/initiative, within one year from the local competition, without further restrictions.

In which language will the presentations be conducted in the local competition?

The presentations in the local competition can be conducted in Greek or English.

From the 10 ideas/initiatives that will qualify to compete in the local competition, what will their distribution be among the two categories “New ideas” and “Early Stage Initiatives”?

Three (3) initiatives will qualify for category (a) “New Ideas” and seven (7) initiatives for category (b) “Early Stage Initiatives”.

If the idea wins, should it be implemented afterwards? The question is made because if the organisation proceeds with implementation, the initiative will be on a small scale with an impact on the urban local community, but if the idea is theoretical it can be materialised on a bigger scale with better results/benefits and a social and environmental impact.  

The winning idea must be implemented within one year from the local competition. It lies on the applicant’s judgment to submit an application/proposal that describes the achievement of the desired outcome.

Should the estimated budget be less than the €5.000 of the cash prize?

In the respective field of the application concerning the budget you are invited to elaborate on how you will use the €5.000 prize. The overall estimated budget of the initiative can be more than €5.000 as long as there is the possibility of own contribution. In this case we would ask you to mention it on your application.

We are active in the field of sustainable mobility, our company was founded in 2015 but we have a project we have been working on lately (<3 years) and we will need further support to develop it. Will our participation be valid?

Yes, as long as the initiative/idea is different from the previous activity of the legal form, and this is clearly described in the application.

Does “locality” (local resources, local human resources, and / or know-how related to the place, local community, local market) refer to the geographical area where the idea/initiative will operate (for example a city) or to Greece in general?

The geographical designation of the idea/initiative is at the disposal of the applicants. It can be determined on any scale – from the local, to Greece in general – depending on the action and the objectives of the idea/initiative.

The disbursement of the cash prize in the first category (New Ideas), what actions does it require from the winner? For example, is the winner required to give a legal form to the idea?

All you need is a personal bank account. For informal groups and individuals the cash prize will go to the account of the person who has made the application.

In case the proposal is awarded in Greece, should its implementation start immediately so that it has some progress until the Balkan competition?

No, the same idea in case it is selected in the National Competition will participate in the Balkan Competition.

Along with the statute of our body, do you also need the minutes of formation of a body of the Board of Directors (so that the president is written)?

No, it is not necessary.


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