Green Ideas Greece 2022

The ‘Green Ideas Greece 2022’ competition is organised in the context of the ‘Balkan Green Ideas’ competition, a project of the Balkan Green Foundation.

It aims to stimulate and encourage innovation for green ideas while engaging local communities to generate green initiatives that utilize local resources and community-based markets. By supporting innovative, local sustainable economic development initiatives, Green Ideas aims to contribute to building a peaceful, competitive, and prosperous Balkans.

The process

How to apply

March/May 2022

Initiatives/ideas that fit the criteria can apply using the application form. The application process will open on the 30th March 2022, and the deadline for applications is the 18th of May at 23.59. An independent selection committee will choose ten ideas which will compete in the local competition.

The local competition

June 2022

Ten ideas will compete in the local competition. An independent jury will select three ideas, which will receive a cash prize, and capacity building support

The Balkan competition

September 2022

The three winning ideas will participate in the Balkan competition, where five ideas from the region will receive cash prizes. Three $10,000 and two $5,000, depending on the category they’re competing in.


The idea or initiative:

  • Is still in the early stages of development  (does not exist for more than 3 years).
  • Makes a profit of less than 10.000€. 
  • Ηas evolved without any external state financial support or initiative.
  • Relies primarily upon local resources, employing local people and utilizing traditional skills, in the locality that the initiative is active. 
  • Has a vision or action plan for environmental sustainability.
  • Has a plan for economic viability and/or incremental growth.
  • Has an innovative approach.
  • Demonstrates positive social impact. 
  • Has assessed the local market and is aware of its competitors and comparative advantages.
  • Is unique compared to other businesses and projects in the community.

You can see the scoring criteria on this link.

Each criterion is given a score according to the relevance of the criterion, with the maximum score being 60.

Categories and prizes:

(α) Νew ideas. (1 cash prize of €2,500)

Citizen groups or individuals without a registered legal entity.

(b) Early stage initiatives. (2 cash prizes of €5,000)

The initiatives have profit of less than €10,000

Τhe initiatives should have one of the following registered legal entities:

-Private company (any kind)

-Non-profit entity (Civil Non Profit Company, association, union)

-Social Cooperative Enterprise (Koin.S.Ep)


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